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Minneapolis, MN

Globalization, New Technology, Digitilization, Industry Competition, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Financial Pressures...

Change is constant, complicated, and let's face it,

Change is hard.

We want to assist your organization with change.

As your partner, we will help you:

*Assess your change environment.

*Implement the right structure and processes to execute change.

*Cultivate trust and effective relationships to be successful now and into the future.

I founded Connect & Achieve to serve organizations facing or struggling with change.


Most of my 20 year (and counting) career has been in IT, Operations, and Engineering. In that time, rapid technological advancements have reshaped business models, changed how people interact, and transformed how works gets done. Team dynamics continue to shift with the mix of generations, cultures, and professional backgrounds. However, the foundation of change--organizational or technical--has remained the same. Organizations need the right structure and processes to execute change. To be successful with change now and into the future, they must also have a culture that develops effective relationships rooted in trust.

Through consulting, coaching, workshops, and proven tools & processes, we will tailor an approach to meet your unique

situation. We will give your business and people what they need to maximize performance and become stronger in an ever-changing environment.

Empower your organization to not just survive change,

but become stronger as a result of it!

“We have received final approvals to proceed with the merger. We’ll have to work through the dual systems, processes, policies, and positions.”

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We're All Nuts!


People, like nuts, have an outer shell, or persona, that needs to be cracked before we can connect to the kernel, or inner self. We are also different and unique, like a bowl of mixed nuts. Cracking requirements to reach the kernel differs; person to person, nut to nut. But once connected, a relationship is ready to form!

What kind of nut are you (today)?

What types of nuts are in your life?


Check out the Nutty Inventory™!

We're All Nuts - 5 Simple Skills to Crack the Nut on Relationships (published 2018) takes the reader through the simplicity of building effective relationships in our dynamic world (technology, social media, multi-cultural and multi-generational environments).


The nut metaphor makes the topic of relationships approachable, in a fun and relatable way. Great for new and emerging leaders, organizations with cultural or interpersonal challenges, and anyone who enjoys human connection!

Have Jennifer speak to your team about building trust & effective relationships!