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Minneapolis, MN

We are excited to deliver innovative, co-learning workshops that are thought-provoking, interactive, and fun!!

The Nut Party™!

Crack some nuts and connect!

“What a fun session! The nut metaphor is so relevant and something we can all relate to."

Whether you’re hosting a company event, family reunion, or social venue, your guests will “go nuts” over The Nut Party™!


Introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between will enjoy this zero-pressure, amusing, and fun departure from ho hum, awkward networking/mingling events. The Nut Party™ demonstrates how we all are just like nuts! People have an outer shell (persona) and inner kernel (self), and no one person is exactly the same as anyone else. In order to crack the shell to reach the kernel, you need to select the proper tool and technique.​​


Through interactive activities, we’ll get your guests guessing, engaged, and connected by cracking and tasting a delightful spread of actual nuts in shells! They will:


* Discover how nut-cracking is surprisingly similar to how we get to know each other. 

* Gain insight into how to connect with others by recognizing and adapting to their unique nuttiness!​

Nut Parties in the Media!

"We're All A Little Nutty" on KEYC Mankato - News 12 (CBS and FOX)

The Power of Connection

for Navigating Change

"Wonderful, interactive workshop!"

"It is fun, fast-paced, and  experiential in approach."

Technology-driven change, reorganization, merger-acquisition—businesses are constantly navigating the sea of change and let’s face it, it’s not easy. It has reached the level of a tidal wave for many companies. In response, consultants and advisers have created several change models and tools to effectively facilitate change initiatives. However, research continues to show that organizations are struggling with change more than ever. So, what’s the deal?

The constant pull to shift, adapt, and grow has set many adrift, looking for a safe shore. Somewhere in the midst of change, people are often left spinning aimlessly or drifting further out to sea. They long for help in making personal transitions and are in search of how they will fit into the new world.

In this new and innovative workshop, concepts from Jennifer Byrnes’ book, We’re All Nuts – 5 Simple Skills to Crack the Nut on Relationships, research from leading Change theorists, and real-world experience from Change practitioners is woven into a fresh and interactive program. The facilitators—accomplished business leaders who also hold coaching certifications (ICF accredited)—assist in co-creating a unique and powerful learning experience.

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“This workshop provides solid techniques when working through change with employee groups. It is fun, fast-paced, and experiential in approach.”
Ruth M. Godfrey, Founder, Learning Journeys, The International Center of Coaching

“Wonderful, interactive workshop that uses creative tools to help you understand relationships and proven ways for leading change.”
Jennifer Sherman Stratton, President, Flagship Insurance Services

“Enjoyed the group and partner activities, learned from others in the room sharing insights through listening and active participation. Excellent program!”
Blythe Stillwell, Lead Consultant, Target


“What a fun session! The "nut" metaphor is so relevant and something we can all relate to—especially during change!"

Keith Tessin, National Strategic Services Consultant, SHI International


“I enjoyed learning valuable tools in this workshop that teaches you to approach change in different ways depending on the different people you work with.”
Sara Connors, CEO, H2O Media, Inc.


“Connection and authenticity when leading change is so powerful. This workshop provides so many key imperatives that need to happen in order to make change a success! It takes these imperatives and breaks them down into a manageable strategy.”
Erica Vermeij, Human Capital Insights, Medtronic

“The intimate setting allowed for great connecting with participants and topics are easily transferred to current situation.”
Tom Slater, Agent, Flagship Insurance

"The Nut Party took a whole new approach to understanding and appreciating the connections you have now and for the future. Understanding and appreciating that we all have an outer shell that sometimes we just need to get past is important and that shell can change by situation ro the environment that you're in. It was fantastic for our students to gain that perspective."

Laura Diaz, Instructor, Gustavus Adolphus College

"This was a great experience, it really made me think of some things in a different perspective. I never thought I would be compared/comparing to/comparing myself to a nut. I am taking away the importance of cracking other shells and how important it is to get to know other people. Thanks so much!"

Student, Gustavus Adolphus College

"I took away the importance of looking past peoples outer shell and more at the inner kernel to find out who they really are. Excellent presenters! I appreciate all of the tips and stories it was an interactive and fun presentation with applicable takeaways! Thank you!"  

Student, Gustavus Adolphus College

"The things I took away were important tips on communications, how to more effectively talk to people on both the same level as you and people higher up. Tips on how to get information interviews by calling someone and getting on the schedule and finding its ok to be nutty, everybody is a nut one way or another."

Student, Gustavus Adolphus College